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Subaru WRX Concept:

Unfortunately Motoriginal wasn’t able to attend the show today and well, today was the official unveiling of the Subaru WRX Concept and no matter how hard I tried to get a sneak peak of the car in person yesterday, the Subaru crew wouldn’t allow it.

The anticipation is now over because the car has been officially unveiled and it looks incredible. Definitely steals the show and doesn’t depart from past WRXs too much. Just when we thought Subaru might begin to go in the way of Mitsubishi, they turn around and rock the show 2-years in a row.

Now let’s just hope they make zero changes for the production car.

Photos via Autoblog

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okay but like could you imagine all the muggle born students coming back to hogwarts after summer break and catching up on what movies they saw, what they thought of season finales, what concerts they went to and off to the side the wizard raised kids are staring at them in confusion and suddenly one of them just whispers

"what the fuck is a nickelback"

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